The Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS” is a welfare, non-profit cultural and educational foundation that promotes Technology Culture and creates an appropriate environment for informing the public of the latest developments in Science and Technology. It operates in a privately-owned, brand-new 15,000 sq.m. building, located at Thermi area, whose design refers to the lever of Archimedes. The brand name of the Center intends to emphasize the connection between its operation and human intellect (noesis).

In the Center’s premises visitors see, understand, act and assume roles, intervening in the learning process through:

– Shows in the 160-seat digital Planetarium, with an 18m diameter dome. The Planetarium has been recently upgraded with a modern projection system, a dome screen extension and a system with wireless headphones that transmits the narration in 2 languages.

– 2D and 3D films in the 300-seat Cosmotheater with a 17×23 m flat screen and a system with wireless headphones that transmits the narration in 2 languages.

– 2D and 3D shows in the Virtual Reality Simulator, with 18 seats that move in 6 axes.

– Exhibitions with topics related to Science and Technology:

1. The “Automobile Technology Exhibition”, featuring car models that marked the history of automobile. The exhibition consists of 5 main thematic areas, based on 5 top car models of the 20th century: mass production, city and environment, technological advances, design and society and speed.

2. The “Technopark”, featuring interactive, hands-on exhibits. The visitor has the opportunity to discover scientific knowledge and have fun.

3. The “Ancient Greek Technology”, one of its kind, refers to the period from prehistoric to the Hellenistic and Byzantine era. The exhibition features more than 70 exact replicas of mechanisms that have marked people’s lives and set the cultural context.

4. The “Image and Sound”, featuring the technology of photography, radio and television (currently under study).

All the exhibitions are complemented with a personal audio tour guide system.

– The Temporary Exhibition Hall, a place suitable to host exhibitions from other museums and cultural organizations from Greece and abroad.

– The Library, with relevant books, DVDs and computer working stations (1Gb internet).

– The Digital Lab, a place where multimedia productions and 3D animations can be created in-house (about to be completed).

– Educational programs, such as “Magic of Science”, “Science in your Kitchen?” and “Pressure”.

– Meetings and discussions with members of the scientific community.

– The 200-seat Amphitheater, equipped with up-to-date audiovisual and translation systems. The latter, combined with the audience halls of the Planetarium, the Cosmotheater and the Temporary Exhibition Hall allow the use of the premises of the foundation as a Conference Center. Finally, the foundation houses a Cafe and Restaurant with an excellent view to the city and a Gift Shop selling educational books, specialized editions and souvenirs.

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