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Action Field Kodra The greatest meeting of modern artists in Northern Greece

“Action Field Kodra” is organised from 2001 together with the festival of the municipality of Kalamaria “Para thin alos”. It started when the music events of the festival were transferred to the parkland of the ex military camp at Karabournaki. The triggering event was the abonded plates, the army left there. Using this material, the first meeting of young artists of contemporary art took place. With only few resources and a great deal of enthousiasm, those artists transferred that abonded place into a unique experience that has since then invited citizens to come in contact with contemporary art in the city, in nature, close to Thermaic Gulf.

From its very beginning, “Action Field Kodra” had its focus on young artists and the research for art activities. Today, it is an artistic event closely connected with the art life of the city, an institution that has made a great contribution in the artistic field of Greece and the establishment of the artistic scene, as it has hosted most of the young artists, curators and art theorists of contemporary art.

This dynamic and the important role of “Action Field Kodra” have established it as one of the most important non museum exhibition of Northeastern Europe that each year presents the greatest trends in art-painting, sculpture, photography, video, new technology and installations, and scenography.

On October 2010, “Action Field Kodra” is part of the Operational Program Macedonia – Thrace 2007-2013 of NSRF and is a co-finance of Greece and the European Union for 2011-2015 with the amount of 330,840. The financial approval was based on the fact that the festival managed to become an art institution with national recognition and international status.

Having art as a starting point as well as a meeting point for different expression forms, “Action Field Kodra” has, since 2011, included in its programme works and artists of music, dance, theatre, literature and is still expanding even further to include international conference and social intrusive actions in many public places of Thessaloniki. Moreover, as art is one of the most penetrating mechanisms of understanding political circumstances as well as one of the most intrusive methods of speech, the festival inagurated a cycle of international conferences and meetings for contemporary art and political and philosophical requirements. Each year, curation of the meetings is assigned to well known professionals.

“Action Field Kodra” is addressed to every citizen seeing art not solely as art pleasure, but also as thought, communication, and political speech.

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Action Field Kodra
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Action Field Kodra
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